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Canton, GA Business and Contract Litigation Attorneys Protect Your Interests

Business litigation lawyer handling your contract disputes in Cherokee County

At The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson, LLC, our Canton, GA business litigation attorneys have 50 combined years of experience proudly serving our clients’ business and contract litigation needs in all state and federal courts.

We provide effective and affordable representation and can assist you with the following types of dispute situations:

  • A contract that states that one owner is to be paid x amount in a corporation but the other owner disputes it
  • A business dispute in which no agreement exists but one party claims to have rights to profits even though the company is titled in the other person’s name
  • Owners of a private company want to sell or liquidate a business but can’t agree on who should get what percentage, so the courts decide
  • The sale of a horse in which the buyer believes the seller deliberately hid facts about the horse, such as breed or health information

We try to prevent dispute situations

Conflicts are commonplace when you run a business.  While lawsuits are often used to resolve business disputes, they are not always the best way to achieve a satisfactory resolution to a problem.

We believe in reviewing your current policies and agreements to identify potential disputes and reduce the chances of a lawsuit against your business. We can assist you with legal counseling and mediation strategies to prevent or resolve:

  • Co-ownership and governance disputes for businesses
  • Employment and labor disputes
  • Contract, unfair competition and trade secret and trust disputes
  • Business negotiations disputes
  • Disputes when buying or selling horses

Types of business and contract litigation

If you are involved in a contract dispute, our Canton contract litigation lawyers have 50 combined years of experience protecting your interests. We understand the effect a dispute can have on your business — we stand ready to help you identify your options so that you can make informed decisions.

The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson, LLC has handled various types of business and contract litigation cases, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Real estate litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Investor and shareholder disputes

We are skilled negotiators who often resolve cases out of court when it is in the best interest of our client. However, if we cannot settle, we try the case to win. We take pride in our thorough preparation and confident and persuasive presentation in the courtroom.

Why The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson, LLC?

At The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson, LLC, our Canton, GA attorneys and staff truly care about what happens to you and your business and contract litigation matters.

With flexible hours by appointment and responsive email accessibility during business hours, our firm provides you with the confidence that comes with knowing that someone at the firm is readily available to review and assess your case.

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