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Canton Georgia and Cherokee County Family Law Attorneys with More Than 60 Years of Experience

 Emotions, Conflict, Life Disruptions.  The most important factor when handling sensitive Family Law issues is experience. This key factor is the strength and hallmark of our family law practice. Many times, the skill and determination of your legal team is the deciding factor during these emotional and often personally debilitating domestic litigations.  Whether you are married, separated or divorced, our Cherokee County family law attorneys help you stay focused on the most important things — your family, your future, your finances and your mental health.

Family Law Attorneys Canton, GA

Our family law attorneys stand ready to fight for you at a time when you probably feel most vulnerable. We explain in detail the consequences of giving up any part of the legal fight. Our firm consists of trial-ready lawyers who remain focused on the bottom-line result. We offer zealous legal representation in each of the following areas of family law practice:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Modifications
  • Legitimation
  • Paternity

Separating shared assets during divorce

The Family Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson LLC offers both the caring counsel needed to gain perspective on the end of a marriage and the surgical precision needed to successfully resolve separating assets in a divorce. Our goal is to craft well-negotiated settlement agreements that stand the test of time. Studies have shown that divorce decisions reached through mutual agreement have a tendency to secure long-term compliance between the former spouses and greatly benefit the children who are often the victims of divorce.

As attorneys, we are not afraid to take a mediated matter to court if negotiations fail. We are experienced trial lawyers who work hard to persuade a judge to decide the issues in your favor.

We have the skill and experience needed to help you resolve your legal matter.

Healing strained parent-child relationships

Children grow up all too soon, and before you know it, they will have children and families of their own. Asserting and enforcing your right to child support or custody can greatly reinforce your child’s sense of being valued and loved. Understandably, there are unavoidable circumstances that might cause a parent to default on a child support payment or miss a scheduled weekend visit. But when these sporadic occurrences become the norm, it is likely that your child will grow to resent your lack of interest, believing it stems from a loss of love.

So, how does a parent go about healing a strained relationship with a child? The first step is almost always to maintain a civil relationship with the co-parent who must accommodate shared custody or visitation. When situations arise that cause you to be detained or unable to make a payment, it is important to set the appropriate expectations with the custodial parent, who must then scramble to rearrange their plans to accommodate the error. Secondly, it is important to present a unified front to the children. All too often, children of divorce tend to play one parent against the other in order to get what they want. Do not allow guilt to cloud your better judgment. Remember that you are in control. Thirdly, do not allow shame or resentment to color your relationship with a child. Keep your relationships positive and schedule quality time with your children.

If an irremediable situation arises, it is always a good idea to talk to a lawyer. Common situations where a lawyer might be called in to litigate or mediate include those where one parent intends to relocate, job loss makes child support payments impractical, a child’s life is placed in danger, or child abuse or neglect is alleged.

Why The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson, LLC?

At The Law Offices of Edwards & Johnson, LLC, our attorneys and staff truly care about what happens to you and your family. With flexible hours by appointment and responsive email accessibility during business hours, our firm provides you with the relief that comes with knowing that someone at the firm is readily available to review and assess your case.

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